Cara Delevingne on Bacon, Brows, Bunnies, and Burberry

  • Cara Delevingne on Bacon, Brows, Bunnies, and Burberry

Model Cara Delevingne has emerged as the enfant terrible of the model set thanks to highly visible tattoos, uncensored interviews, and an inability to maintain a straight face. Despite all that, the girl has a killer work ethic, as evidenced by her near ubiquitousness on newsstands; her model-scouting efforts for DKNY and Marc by Marc Jacobs; a line of bags designed for Mulberry; and an IMDb CV that lists six upcoming projects. But most recently, what may have caught your eye is Delevingne frolicking in the “rain” with fellow supe Kate Moss in the ads for Burberry’s newest scent, My Burberry.

Inspired by the British legacy’s trench, the fragrance smells of a rambling English garden after a downpour and comes in a flacon topped by a cap that resembles the iconic coat’s buttons. The fact that the brand chose two of its motherland’s most notable fashion figures to serve as the physical manifestation of the fragrance further drives home its heritage. Speaking to Delevingne, half of the aforementioned dynamic duo, it’s clear that what you see is what you get with this one. (Before sitting down for this interview, she made clear there is “no such thing as TMI” after declaring that she needed a tampon.) The in-demand supe has a disarmingly easygoing disposition (with nary a hint of insincerity), a wicked sense of humor, and an arsenal of NSFW answers. Here, we asked Delevingne to touch on a variety of topics, from the new scent to what it was like to see herself sans brows (for Givenchy’s Spring ’15 show) to Cecil the rabbit to her unapologetic worship of bacon.
How would you describe My Burberry?

It’s pretty fucking delicious. The first time I smelled it, I tried to lick it. It’s got quite an edible smell to it. It brings back memories of England and home and outside. There’s something just homey about it. I can’t describe what it is. It’s obviously quite nature-y as well. It’s kind of like an indoor/outdoor smell. It smells like wet trees.

Since My Burberry captures the scent of a London garden after the rain, what are the smells that characterize London for you?

Just that smell of London — I can’t really describe it. When I go back, it hits you when you get off the plane. And the smell of fish and chips. I love it!

Shooting the My Burberry campaign was your first time working with Kate Moss. What was it like being caught in a rainstorm with her?

It was hysterical. We always have fun together. And so to work with Mario [Testino] and Christopher [Bailey], as well…I could spend my whole day like that. I think trying to get us to stop nattering and chatting was probably quite hard. But then they captured that, so it was great. It was just us, being friends and having a good time.

What was your favorite moment from that shoot that the world didn’t get to see?

It think it was probably when we were both naked and she had her legs wrapped around me, but then it was quite hard to stay covered with the trenchcoats.

What is the biggest thing Kate taught you?

Just to be myself and not to give a shit what other people say. And stick up for yourself. She’s an extremely strong woman, and she doesn’t take shit from anyone, which is great. She very much sticks up for something she believes in. It’s very inspirational.

What was the first fragrance you ever wore?

Britney Spears. Oh, but there was a Pocahontas one. But, yeah, there was Britney Spears. She’s had so many. I can’t remember which one it was. The Pocahontas one was definitely my favorite. The Britney one was more like I stole it from my sister. But as a young girl, I used to get grass and I used to rub it on myself because I loved the smell so much. It was fun.

If you were to have your way with a Burberry trench, how would you make it your own?

I’d cover the whole thing in little doodles — little pen doodles all over it. But really small so you can’t see what they are from far away, but up close it’s like a story. I’d definitely do it. Just me and a Sharpie.

Of your tattoos, which one is your favorite? What is the next one going to be?

The one on the back of my neck. I got it done in Thailand. It was done with a bamboo stick and a needle. It was painful but also very cool. It’s written in this ancient language from before Sanskrit. It means courage, happiness, peace, and clarity.

You had your brows bleached this past season. What was it like seeing yourself without your beauty signature?

I used to do it a lot more. When I first started modeling, they used to bleach my eyebrows all the time. I used to think people hated them. I tried so hard to get out of doing it this time. When they dye them back, something almost always ends up going wrong. Either they are too dark, or one is a different color than the other. But it was weird because I hadn’t seen them like that in a while. I looked like an albino baby.



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