High-Speed Powder Photography

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Materials: – Two packages of holi powder from Amazon.com – 2x 10lb packs of the cheapest flour. I purchased these at my local grocery store, but you could get them from Amazon.com as well. – Plastic Ziploc bags – Dust Pan – 1 Einstein E640 Strobe with a beauty dish on it + 2 bare portable speed-lights (all of them were on light stands and hooked up to wireless triggers). You could get by with just 1 front-lit speed-light, but 3-4 lights is ideal. – Broom (to clean up your mess) Tips: – You can dump piles of the colored flour on the dustpan in different areas and then throw it at the model from behind. – Avoid throwing the powder around the eyes. – Try to keep the powder/dust away from your camera, as the powder is a very fine. Ideally you would be want to be using a […]

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